About Therapy

I provide counseling for  individuals, couples, and families seeking help in a range of issues unique to each client.  From relational conflict to mood disorders, I utilize a systemic approach that explores current problems within the social, environmental, and cultural context of life experiences and the impact these experiences have on both physical and mental health.  My theoretical orientation is eclectic to best match each client and their unique situation.  For some, this may involve exploring patterns of thought and behavior and the impact those patterns have on emotions, while others may benefit from a more solution-oriented approach that works to identify specific goals and how to reach them.  Behind each approach, however, rests an underlying holistic (or whole person) view that the symptoms a client presents are often only one piece of a larger puzzle towards well being.  Therapy is a collaborative process where client and therapist work together to identify the nature of the problem and how best to address it.


The duration and frequency of therapy is different for each client.  For some, therapy can be a brief and useful tool to aid in pushing through difficult times, while others may benefit from a longer commitment to delve more deeply into an increased understanding of the manner in which past experiences and relationships inform the present.  It is not uncommon to effectively address the original issue to later find oneself more capable of tackling more complex areas previously believed to be out of reach.  Some clients may benefit from weekly sessions while others may prefer more or less time in between.  This decision is often a combination of personal preference and need.  In short, therapy duration and frequency varies case by case, and this is something that will be discussed throughout.  It is my goal to maintain personal autonomy for the entire duration of therapy.


Successful therapy is often a result of an individual's commitment to work towards change and willingness to share openly and honestly.  Establishing a level of trust necessary for this to happen may take time.  It is my priority to create a safe environment to allow this important work to happen.