Couples Intensive

Standard Track

The Standard Intensive is a one time half day session for those who are committed to their relationship but are experiencing distress, conflict, or dissatisfaction and are uncertain how to move forward.  The half day Intensive will focus on identifying the presenting problem, what’s underneath these challenges, and how to move forward with more effective tools for a happier, healthier relationship. This extended one time session approach is intended to provide couples with a foundational understanding specific to their relationship on the role of attachment history in shaping present day thoughts and behaviors as they relate to both the individual and the couple. Couples will leave the Intensive with a clear understanding of how their unique individual history has influenced their relational needs and how to meet those needs in a direct and positive manner that contributes to a strong, healthy attachment and a more satisfying relationship.

Premarital Track

The Premarital Intensive is also a one time half day session but is for newly committed couples who are wanting to enter their commitment with intention. It follows a similar approach as the the Standard Intensive but with focus placed on developing an understanding of each partner's unique individual history and how that manifests in relationship both past and present. The Intensive will focus on identifying both individual and relational needs and the development of healthy patterns of communication and problem solving as the couple navigates topics ranging from roles and responsibilities, family planning, sex/intimacy, career development/finances, family dynamics, and religion/spirituality. Couples will leave the Intensive with a road map of how their relationship can strengthen over time through a healthy and effective process that leads to secure attachment and a satisfying connection.

Duration: 3 hours


Session Outline:

Part 1: Relational Assessment


Part 2: Insight and Understanding


Part 3: Change Process

Session Cost: $750

Dates are now available for the Couples Intensive.